Saturday, August 28, 2010

Laid back, lazy stuff.

I've been messing about with a couple of new bits and pieces today. Stuff that has no asap attached to it.
This is the first (and may be the last) hexagon flower I've ever made.
I think if I'm going to continue with this I'll need some stronger glasses (of gin or rum) because making those tiny stitches is.....not easy!

Then there's the beginners crochet, or as I like to call it.......
Crochet's Really About Perseverance. It does has an acronym but we're in polite company so I wont mention it.
Yes I know, you don't have to point out the wonkyness and mismatched sizes, I can see it too! Maybe I'll just do just one more (a cushion cover, perhaps!) then go and buy some pretty colours.


  1. It's healthy to try different things- then hate them and never do them again! I think they look great, only you will notice the bad bits!

  2. you big swot! look how much crochet you've done! i have not even finished one yet!

  3. That's a very pretty hexagon flower, Clair. Um, can I join your Crochet's Really About Perseverance group if you're starting one? You're way more advanced than me at crocheting ... I've not done colour-changing yet.

  4. That is a great idea, Lets start a flikr group? C.R.A.P. : ) I'll join!
    Rach, How much homework have you done? I didn't spend all that afternoon crocheting left handed for nothing!!!! ;)

  5. Clair - I think your hexagons are great!!! But I agree - a lot of work!!! And I love your grannie squares!!! And I'll bet if you do them in YOUR colors, you will love them too!!! I see you more as a "brights" kind of girl!!! And hey, if you like Kaffe, ya gotta be fun!!!

  6. he hem excuse me!

  7. I bought a magazine on how to do crochet so I can hopefully teach myself and be part of The C.R.A.P. Group too.

  8. Hi Clair!
    I love your hexagon flower, it's very pretty!
    But I believe it is laborious...
    Recently my mother taught me to do that grannie squares, I only made one yet... but I want to do more!
    I will show when I have made some!
    I like yours!