Monday, May 31, 2010

Progress....slow but steady.

Fifteen blocks done, I know that doesn't sound very much but I have to choose every border surrounding those gorgeous girls with care. I take this job very seriously!My favourite block changes all the time but at the moment this one makes me smile. I think she's a bit "kick ass".

I've ordered 9 yards of different Kona solids to help with all the fill-in blocks, can't wait till they arrive. I'm thinking that lots of half square triangles and the odd log cabin block will be what I''ll make with them.

Friday, May 28, 2010

A quilt in the making.

This is for Hollie, my eldest daughter. I've been collecting some of these fabrics for years and of course I wish I'd bought double what I've got.

Well this is it folks, my first attempt at blogging. Having read everyone else's blog for so long and nagged by a few to get on the band-wagon (and having a seven year old that put me to shame by starting her own blog!!!) I'm finally here.
So this will be a record of stuff I'm doing and odd bits and pieces that crop up in my life.
Hope I don't bore you all silly.