Thursday, August 19, 2010

Life, fabric and teasing.

Three things that I never thought I'd be doing at my age.

1.  Discussing the colour of my daughters snot.....don't ask!
2.  Doing physiotherapy on a guinea pig.......both pig and I feel like idiots, but we persevere.
3.  Buying zit cream for a case of teenage spots......for me! Thank heaven for fringes, that's all I can say.

Ah well, such is life.

I've had a few great days. Spotlight invited me over for a "chat" and fed me chocolate eclairs, cups of tea and then gave me a voucher for $50....all just for giving them my opinion of their store. I wouldn't mind a few more little "chats" like that.
Then, my fabrics all arrived, such bliss. The voiles are almost too good to cut up, I will have to be very brave to take the scissors to them.

I did deviate a teeny bit while buying the voiles, couldn't resist these too.....

Tomorrow's the big day! I'm off to Kelli's place to eat cake and hand over our swaps, don't think I'll sleep tonight I'm that excited! She's posted a tease on her blog if you want to go and peek, but I warn you she really does TEASE!


  1. The more I read blogs, the more bored I get of "then I made this, then I made that blah blah blah" then I popped over to yours after your advice aboutPrints Charming and I LOVE it - hilarious, well written, fun, funny, a bit mad - have to add to my blog list right now!

  2. Clare's eating eclairs! Yum! Those voiles- Double Yum! The guinea pig- not so yum, unless cooked south American style, maybe a little sauce. Looking forward to the big reveal of The Swap!

  3. Oops, I spelt your name in my previous comment, I'm sorry Clair. I'm such a penguin brain!

  4. Agh.......don't mention penguins!!!!!

  5. OK, I need (yes need!) the top fabric in the last picture, the blue with the red hummingbirds. Please, please could you tell me where you found it, the designer and pattern name.

    Great blog by the way, I stumbled upon it today by way of a very twisty road of craft blogs and have now added it to my reader. I have yet to discuss the colour of my childrens snot but have discussed their bowel movements more times then I care to remember or admit to :)

  6. Hi Stephanie, the fabric is Humming Birds, from the Flora and Fauna range, designed by Patty Young, Manufactured by Michael Miller. I got mine from Hawthorne Fabrics....there's a link in my right side bar.

  7. beutiful fabrics