Friday, September 10, 2010

Kamikaze possums and crochet!

OK, I'm sorry, I just haven't been around much lately....not my fault....I just happen to live in an area with a high concentration of kamikaze possums.
You don't get the connection?
Well, there's some pretty appealing (to possums) power lines out the front of our place, and they will play their little games of chasey and dare, running along them. Get the picture? The first time I heard a BANG and the lights went out I was horrified to see a fried possum hanging from the power lines, but let's be honest, when your power has shorted out three times in one evening because of the daft buggers not letting go of one line before they leap to pity becomes a little thin.
In short, my computer (and everything else powered by electricity) has been on and off more times than my knickers on my honeymoon!

Anyway....what would you want me to tell you about! Should I tell you about the incident where I very nearly set fire to my tennis team-mates hair? I wonder, if I actually had,(set her alight) could I be charged with some sort of assault.....I can see it in the dock....charges being read out in a deep ponderous voice ...."You stand here charged with grievous harm by birthday candle...."!
Hmmmm.......I think I'd get'd be a character reference for me, wouldn't you?
But this is not what this blog is all about, let me tell you of my new passion....crochet! I know I've mentioned it before but I've now become addicted.

If you need to find me, I'm curled up on the sofa, surrounded by a rainbow of coloured balls of wool. All 100% Australian merino wool, lovely and soft, not "scratchy", it'll probably take a year to have enough of these squares to make a blanket but I don't care....I'm just having a bit of fun!


  1. LOL!! Your knicker comment cracks me up!!! If you went to jail I'd bake you a cake with a crochet hook in it.

  2. I'm not sure which is funnier - the knickers or the unfortunate birthday cake incident! (Either way, I guess the possum isn't laughing).

    Love your beautiful crochet squares.

  3. Love your Sq's..Great Colours...sounds Relaxing..Enjoy!!

  4. Loving the squares - they're so bright and cheerful. Your knickers comment would have made me spew tea all over my keyboard ... only I have learnt my lesson - the lesson being "Do not drink tea when reading Clair's blog." Are fried possums good to eat?

  5. gosh you make me laugh.... really you do. I adore reading your blog, it makes me smile.
    I love the results of your new craft, how gorgeous do they look!
    See you next month? x

  6. Your squares are really lovely. Makes me want to start some of my own, but I just can't add another thing to my already too-long list of things I want to make! :)