Monday, November 28, 2011

Mosquito nights and x rated bunnies!

What's it like where you are? It's hot and humid here, and most nights lately have been disturbed by one pesky mosquito that wakes me up by buzzing past my ear.
I've found that there are three courses of action that can be taken when in this situation.....
1. Bury yourself deeply under the covers and hope that "someone" else is woken too as he will always get out of bed, find it and kill it. This has two drawbacks as firstly it gets really hot under those covers and secondly, he often sleeps through mozzie attacks.
2. Hope the the mozzie will settle for the less than sweet blood of my husbands (mine is chocolate wonder they like it!) and then once fed it should let me sleep.
3. Get out of bed and find the mozzie spray.

What would you do? I go with number one every time. I bury my head and hope it goes away....hmmm, makes me sound like an ostrich!

Anyway, in the hope that one day I'll get to finish most of my ufo's I managed to complete my Wrenly quilt top....though my youngest daughter wants me to call it "Through the Window".... Actually, I think I quite like that name.

And as for my embroideries, well....!
Two things happened. 
1. (I'm so into lists tonight!) I got in touch with the lovely Kate from Lilipopo  as I adore her pretty embroideries and pictures and she gave me permission to use some of her pics to be embroidered for my "thirties" quilt! Yes, it does have a chance of being finished now. Now, make sure you pop over and look at what she's doing because she's just so very talented.
Here's what I came up with....

and this...
and this...

More on that theme to come.....

2. Oh, and the other thing that really amused me this week was finding that my bunny (from the last post) was featured on Mr X Stitch.'s not a site for the faint hearted, it has some very adult content. Which is why it's all the funnier that my cute bunny ended up there!

Sunday, November 6, 2011

Hand sewing and tadpoles.

I've realised that in life I'm a "starter," not so much a "finisher".
It's obvious why, starting is full of excitement and great expectations. Whereas finishing requires patience and perseverance.
But that's all about to change! I have decided to gird my loins (I'm actually am not too sure what that means but it does sound appropriate,) and get some finishing done.

So, with that in mind I grabbed out some unfinished projects and am refusing to put them away untill they're done.

Firstly, here are some embroideries I started and am planning to team them with some gentle 1930's in pink and yellow.

I pinched the gorgeous linen that these are emboidered on from my lovely Polish friend, Patrycja. Thank you!

Next I have some appliqué that need finishing......

But what I really want to do is.......
Chocolate, flying saucers and new fabric......does life get any better?

Today I will confess that although I have lots of 'green' intentions.....the fact that my in-ground spa is full of tadpoles is nothing to do with environmental's a negative energy issue. 
As the universe needs to be balanced perfectly with both positive and negative energy (yes, I watch the National Geographic channel,) there's nothing I can do about it. It's certainly nothing to do with me being too lazy to keep it clean.
Anyway, the world needs frogs!
Ribbit, ribbit.

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

I'm not ignoring you...I'm just slow!

Sigh....I'm doing it again! Not keeping up with this blog and yet I had such good intentions.

I've been pretty busy working at the shop. Most days I come home and fall asleep on the couch for an hour. I used to call them "power naps" but now that I know I snore occasionally (thank you, Ruby!)  I guess I have to call them "nanna naps".
But I'm not proud, I don't care....after you've been on your feet all day lugging hundreds of bolts of fabric around you'd fall asleep snoring too!

Luckily, in my blog absence I managed to knock out a few tops so here's the latest.......

It was quick, it was easy, it was fun. I just smile every time I see this fabric.
Want to make one too? Get yourself a copy of "Fat Quarterly" issue 5. Yeah, it's another Lily's quilt! I do like her stuff.

You know, the whole idea of working was to amass some money for holidays and stuff.....working in a patchwork shop sure put paid to that silly idea! All it does is feed my addiction for fabric, you should see how many metres I bring home each week.

I need help!

BTW...what do you think of the button my lovely hubby made for Gail's shop? It's over there in the side bar.....see.
I was impressed with it. 
Now I've just got to get her to re-vamp her site.....little steps.