Tuesday, August 10, 2010

I have been very, very bad!

Really and truthfully I am trying to be good! I lay the blame for today's slide down the slippery slope to bankruptcy fairly and squarely on Andi's shoulders.
I told you she came round the other day and brought with her a fabric gift for me........well, it was a large piece of Anna Maria's Little Folk voile....yes, voile! 

I didn't have any voile in my collection (hoard,) not a skerrick, so this one, single, solitary piece looked sadly at me from the table and spoke of others like it in other designs and colours. 
Yes, at this point I will stop and inform you that I am bilingual....I am fluent in fabric-speak.
So anyway,  I spent half a day searching the net for more voile till I hit upon Hawthorne Threads, who not only have a fabulous on-line shop but also have loads and loads of beautiful voile......and they get cheaper and cheaper the more you buy! I was like a pig in mud......a bit of this, some of that.......and suddenly I found I'd bought over twenty yards of fabric. 
I really was trying to be good, sigh, I can only hope that eventually they'll mate and I can become the world's first voile breeder.


  1. yeah have you gone a bit on the crazy side cause that last bit's weird!

  2. 20 yards!!!! Can I come and roll around in it?
    And I think the correct term is "a pig in shit".
    Andi x

  3. You go girl, no one can have enough fabric!

  4. I've heard the AMH voile is gorgeous. Holy cow - I just went to have a peek and Hawthorne Threads have awesome fabric!

  5. That's a gorgeous fabric. Love it!

  6. I LOVE HT, I'm sure my pic is on their wall of addicts, every spare cent I have goes to them (but don't tell mrT!).

    What is voile?