Tuesday, August 3, 2010


I've been hobnobbing with a famous person. I can tell you're impressed! Andi of Patch Andi came round for a play date yesterday. Actually it was slightly amazing that she found her way to my place as she was using my directions and I have a habit of confusing my Lefts and Rights.....perhaps I should have warned her about that before she set out on the mamoth journey. 
Still, she got to meet some of my neighbours who kindly redirected her and then we got to play.

I must say, I am impressed when visitors come bearing gifts and she was seriously impressive! She not only brought round lunch, and cakes but also fabric.....she's my kind of girl!

As I watched her master my monster quilting machine I was blown away with how quickly she got into the rythm of it. Her feathers are awesome! I did feel a bit like a "grown up" at times as I told her to "stand up straight" but you and I both know that posture is all important!

My only other claim to fame is walking smack into Dawn French's boobs in Sydney............ don't laugh! It made a lasting impression on me.


  1. It seems I'm in good company with Dawn French's boobs!!
    Andi x

  2. Now that is a good friend ! Food and fabric , yay !