Sunday, July 4, 2010

Reading, sewing and sulking...!

So, where have I been? Not far....right here in fact. But I've been having a sulk. "Sulk!?" I hear you say, yes, I'm not too proud to admit I've been having a sooky sulk.
You see, I have this problem........I really, really, really hate housework and am the first to admit I'm not that good at it. You know those old cartoons where they sweep all the mess under the rug.....well I think it's a brilliant idea! 
Anyway, I have found that there are only two ways to get me to do the housework....
1. Bribery
2. Trickery
We all understand how bribery works, I clean up and then can go and buy umpteen metres of scrummy fabric. See, I've "bribed" myself. And it works....or at least it did till my beloved husband found out that buying me fabric makes me happy, and a happy me is a happy he, as they say. Only now I have no incentive to clean up.
This leaves "trickery", and it's much harder to implement. 
But I did it the other day and I've been sulking about it ever since.
I'd got to the point where even I couldn't shove any more stuff under the rug, things had gone beyond an "artistic" mess, my place was a tip.....there's no other way to describe it. So I tricked myself....I invited friends round for dinner. I invited them ten days in advance, so I let the chaos build for another ten whole mess filled days (as we all know there's no point in clearing up early as more clutter will miraculously appear as soon as your back is turned) and then .....two hours before they arrived I realised the mamoth task could no longer be put off and tidied up.......shoved everything into a room that I wouldn't take them in!
The dinner was great, but I still have all that mess as it oozed out from the hidden room and is back, spread in all it's glory across every inch of my floor.
So now I'm sulking cos I'm back where I started, *sigh* maybe I should just knuckle under and do it.................but wouldn't it be nicer if I baked a cake instead!

But I can't leave you with a tale of woe, I'll leave you instead with the knowledge that even when sulking I can sew and am up to block 16....not bad, eh! 

btw, it's not as wonky as the picture shows, that's just my bad photography!


  1. Clair, you are not alone ;-)

  2. What is this housework that you speak of?
    Is this something most households should be doing?
    I think someone has been pulling your leg : )
    Housework schmousework
    bring on the sewing machine!!!

  3. There is nothing like visitors to help you get your bum into gear and clean up..... I love the junk room solution - if in doubt put it in the junk room - great idea!

    You are not alone though, I detest and despise housework more than anything in the whole wide world - it stinks!

  4. I don't know a crafty artistic person who lives in a spotless space!!

  5. Phew! Good to know I'm not alone. I will learn to embrace my clutter, love my dust and look fondly at every horizontal surface that's covered in crap.:)

  6. Clair, I can so relate! Housework - a true quilter and stitchers chain around the neck. There is no time to do things like that, so not fun.

  7. Thank you for your comment at Snickerdoodledreams. Jules made this bag for me, and I love it.
    Concerning homework, I read the perfect sentence (forgive me, if its not perfect, I am translating it): "Your grandchildren won't care how much dust was in your house, but they will snuggle into the quilt you've made in the meantime". The perfect excuse for every crafter-smile