Saturday, July 24, 2010

Vagina pink or Barney purple?

This week's been pretty busy, firstly I got a call from a teacher at school to help with a sewing class....making softies for a charity. As my brain is not the fastest thing in the world I scanned all my favourite blogs and came up with these simple freebies for the kids to make. Many thanks to Jenny at Allsorts for the Scotty dog....I love making these,

 and to Nina from ninana for leaving a cool tute on craftster for her crazy cat,

and I can't quite remember where I got the pattern for the teddy but he's fun to tart up.

Then I spent a bit of time yelping with a torn thingie in my shoulder, and finally I had a trip out (makes me sound like I was on day release from prison!) to the Craft and Quilt fair in Melbourne.
If I'm brutally honest, the fair was....ok, but the company was fabulous! I met up with a couple of nutters, Andi and Rachal, from the guild and (luckily) we all had similar tastes so all gravitated to the same kind of stalls, you know....Amitie, Ballarat patchwork, Kelani.... that sort of place. But it was while we sitting eating lunch that the subject of colour came up and it's been on my mind ever since. It just amazes me how differently we perceive colour, I was telling the girls about when my eldest children moved out and how after a couple of years we re-painted their bedrooms and I slowly took them over for fabric and craft storage. Cutting a long story short, my eldest son returned one day, looked at the new colour on his old bedroom walls and declared that "it would be like sleeping inside of a vagina!" Hmmmm....... funny how you never forget some of the strange things your children say. Anyway, back to lunch at the show and  I pointed to Rachal's bag and said "look, it's the same colour as your handles. She Andi looked down at them and declared that it was the same colour they'd painted in their house but she insisted it was "Barney purple."
 Hmmm, "vagina pink" or "Barney purple", what would you call it?

Of course I can't leave you with such crassness so here's a couple more blocks for Hollie's quilt.....getting there!


  1. Barney Purple for sure (and it was MY place with the Barney purple room BTW ... hehe)
    Your softy scotty dogs are so sweet. Much more impressive than anything I could have dreamed up!
    I'm looking forward to seeing Hollie's quilt in person sometime soon.
    Andi x

  2. Barney Purple definately!
    Those scotties are so gorgeous!