Friday, June 18, 2010

I'm becoming obsessive!

I find that all I want to do is sew at the moment. I don't want to cook, in fact I've got to the point where I work out how many clean pots and pans I have left and cook something that will go in them. I'm only scrubbing pots and pans once a week, I see this as an exercise in water saving and everyone's got to do their bit. My daughter was nearly late for school this morning as I just had to "sew this little seam" and of course one seam led to another and another......

OK, enough waffling, I've done another four blocks (each one 20 inches square) want to see?

My darling hubby took one look at these and told me (thoughtfully) that I'd sewn the Japanese writing upside down. "That's art!" I told him. Then I thumped him.

Only another 30 to go...........I'm thinking "takeaways" for the next month or so.


  1. Thanks for your skirt comment - I used the book Sew What? Sew Skirts.

  2. Hi There, I found your blog because you tagged one of my photos on Flickr so I decided to visit your blog. Your anime blocks are brilliant. My son is crazy about anime. Please can you share your secret of where you found the fabric?

  3. I'm laughing so much about your cooking comments. I know what you mean, sometimes you just want to sew!!!! I've come via flickr where I saw your anime quilt photos, Its going to be an amazing quilt!!!

  4. COOOOOOOOOOOL blocks!!!!!!!!!!!!