Saturday, July 10, 2010

Swapping shame

I've got a guild meeting on Sunday and a couple of weeks ago I signed up for a name badge swap. "That's nice" I hear you say, infortunately I think I'm about to be bannished from the swap......and possibly from all future swaps!
The trouble started when I read the rules......they stated something like "the badge must not be larger that 9cm's in any direction", well....I'm an "inches" kind of girl! I grew up with feet and inches (showing my age here) and have a natural affinity with imperial measurements. This new fangled "metric system" is strange and unnatural to me....and if I'm honest I think it's just a fad and wont last. But anyway I pressed on with the badge making a decent guess at the size.
The first hurdle came when I'd finished it. You know how you look at something and it annoys you......well I'd done a bit of a bodge job of joining two bits of ricrac and had tried to hide the mess. No one else spotted it but to me it stuck out like a sore thumb. So I undid it all, replaced the messy bits with a correctly fitting piece and put it all back together and smiled.

Till today.....when I measured it with a metric ruler.....Agh! It's over a centimeter too big in all directions! And that's when I squish it up small!
Well, I'm not taking it apart again! It'll have to do.......I'm hoping that the swap organiser wont have a ruler to hand. Or if she does, hopefully it'll just have "inches" on it!

Still pressing on with the aminé quilt....though slowly as it's the holidays and "someone" needs my attention a lot!


  1. Oh Clair, I'm so glad I'm not the only one to stuff up with name tage thing... far out, I am still trying to get it finished - not happy Jan

  2. Oh dear. I'm an inches girl as well. I am sure the swap organiser will let it pass. I really love the anime quilt - it's fantastic!

  3. Thats funny, We have all left it til the last minute! : )
    I finished mine yesterday arvo!
    Don't tell anyone but its 10 cm long too! oops, Width wise I'm OK but length, Not so good!

  4. hey Clair, the etsy shop is sewmuchbetter56 and they are freezer paper 1 inch sides.
    lois bujold mcmaster is fab. Cordelia's honor is the first books
    Jim Butcher too, Furies of Calderon is the first

  5. It sounds like it's a good job I didn't have a ruler out today ;)

    We'll have to remember to list any size requirements in both metric and imperial measurements next time!