Saturday, July 17, 2010

Lolly-popish and darker, more erotic!!!

I've had many things said about my sewing, usually I hear the words, "lovely, sweet, pretty, funny" you know what I mean. But the other day I sent my eldest daughter over to my flickr page to see her quilt progressing hoping that she'd like it and she said some of the blocks "are lolly-popish, others are darker, more erotic." !!!!!!!
Never, never before has anything I've made been described like that. I am ...... thrilled! 
I can see a whole new profession awaiting me in the erotic quilt making business. Yes, it will be my new niche market, I will corner it and slowly take over the world....opps....didn't mean that last bit, just got carried away! You know how it is when the word "erotic" gets bandied around people my age.....we get all silly and giggly.....well, I do anyway.
But to bring a bit of sense and decorum back to this extremely serious blog (!)....
I went to another of the MMQG (see sidebar) meetings last week and we did our badge swap. I got a great badge from ...blast it, I can't remember her name, but she's a lovely American lady.... anyway, I love it, especially the little red balls hanging down. Thank you.

I must admit, making one for Miranda was fun, even though I got frustrated a few times. And yes....I guess I'd do it all again, creating something small can make you inventive. This is what I ended up making....and I bet that bell drives her nuts soon!

And lastly, this is why I've hardly sewn a stitch this week......

Two more to go in the series, then I'll be back to normal......hopefully!


  1. Hmm, so she liked it? I know you're thrilled, but...? You can always pass it on to me if she doesn't! I need something erotic on my bed....

  2. You're funny! I think it was Lisa (Canadian) who made your name tag. The red and black is perfect for an erotic quilter...... ;) xx

  3. Ooo - I've never met an erotic quilter before! ;-) I love that little badge you made with the bell and the trim all around the edge.

  4. Wow only two more the badges are cool too!!!