Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Trying to make a decision.

It's school holidays so that's why I haven't been here much.....nothing much to tell. Unless of course you want to hear about our outings....nah, didn't think so.
I'm trying to decide what pattern to do next, should it be this........?

It would mean paper piecing and while I can do it, it isn't really my favourite method.
Or should I try hand piecing a tea leaf pattern?
Decisions, decisions. I think tomorrow night I'll piece some tea leaves and then make up my mind.
In the mean time, have you ever seen "Posh Nosh "? My eldest son sent me the link, if you've got five minutes and want a real giggle go here.....  


  1. Okay, I need to know. What are "bickies"? I'm not from Australia, so I'm assuming it is one of those words that is lost in translation. (I'm from Texas, so I'm sure I use a LOT of those!)
    I enjoyed your blog. Its nice to know that women on the other side of the world are having fun quilting, too!

  2. Cookies is the US term :)

    Good luck with the hand piecing my dear, it doesn't sound fun.

  3. I should have figured that out - bickies, biscuits. I at least knew that what we call cookies are called biscuits in much of the world. Thanks!

  4. My comment has required homework - I didn't know what a tea leaf block was so had to scootle off for a look on the net- Very pretty. Then a bit of Posh Nosh watching had me and GBF giggling ( he's now in the kitchen making Posh Nosh noises), I think we'll be watching a few more of these!