Sunday, October 16, 2011

Wheels and weaning.

 It's flipping hard to take a photo of a quilt top in the wind!

I tried patience, I tried talking to the wind....I even co-opted my youngest daughter to hold the quilt down on one side. Sorry, but this is the best I can do under the (very) trying Lilys  quilt, still waiting for me to quilt it. Ho hum.

So it's Sunday and confession the way, I was so glad to hear I wasn't the only dog chocky eater in the world. Let's see if I'm not alone this week.

Have you ever seen a slightly mad looking woman, walking quickly along the street whilst clutching a loaf of bread tightly to her chest? 
That would have been me.
It was a sunny day and I decided to walk to the shops leaving the kiddies at home with dad. All I wanted was a moment to myself out in the sunshine and some nice fresh bread.
What I ended up with was  a tee shirt dripping with milk and a soggy loaf. 
Don't ever be fooled by the term "weaned". Your child may know it but your boobs have notions of their own.
The simple act of a bit of jiggling in a looser bra plus a crying baby (not mine) in the bakers and I developed two large spreading damp patches across my front.
I had about a mile to walk home. No jumper or cardie to hide in. No car to slide inside and drive away. It was an embarassing moment in my life....did you see me?


  1. Oh this quilt is so wonderful but that incident is so cringe making. The whole breast feeding thing just made me feel so YUK. I know lots of people love it but not me. As a friend of mine said: "it's so unnatural" LOL. But your quilt top is just so beautiful.

  2. Your quilt is beautiful! I love the way that you made the border, too. I love the Sherbet Pips and just made a faux chenille blanket with one of the prints.

  3. I love it Clair! I want to make something in these fabrics so badly, but then my luck - the baby will be a boy! Oh, and no, I didn't see you, but I can just picture you making a dash for it, hugging a loaf of bread really close. Poor thing! Aren't those moments shockers! At least you have a divine quilt :)

  4. Oh golly , now that's a story!! Lucky you were buying bread and not something small like a paperclip. In the Hollywood version theyll probably have you buying a couple of melons. Super duper wheel quilt, I just love that pip scooter fabric!!

  5. I just have to add, the thin strip around the circles is pure magic in the scarf, the chsnging colours makes it look shimmery. And the border is very cool too!!