Sunday, October 9, 2011

Confessional Sunday

So this is what I made out of the leftovers from my Sanctuary quilt....doesn't it look different!

But I'm guessing your far more interested in my confession for the week, goes......

Back when I was twenty something (technical term for young and stupid) I owned a dog and she was pampered and loved but.....on occasion....when I was desperate....I would steal and eat her doggie chocolates!

No, the laxative effects never bothered me.
Yes, my hair was lovely and shiny
No, I never felt the urge to sniff bottoms.

I am ashamed of myself, and now ensure that the pantry is NEVER bereft of chocolate.

It wont happen again.



  1. You are a crack up woman!!!
    I always wondered why you keep getting the urge to drag your bum along the ground! ;)
    Nice quilt tops!

  2. Clair that quilt is fantastic - I really like it. Did you make up the pattern?

    My husband always ate the doggy chocs too - I thought he was weird as well!

  3. Oh too funny!! There's a story in my family that my grandfather put out a plate of dog biscuits for afternoon tea with important guests. That quilt is awesome! Leftovers you say, that's a two for the price of one deal, I say!!

  4. That's really great!! I saw it on Flikr and popped on over!

  5. That's the very best reason for eating chocolate I've ever heard! Tell me, if I did the same thing as a child, do you think my hubby would understand if I confessed and offered up the same solution? I do love your quilt with the leftovers. It's a fabulous design, very striking!
    x H

  6. Oh wow, you do love chocolate, huh? I've not seen this pattern before, another original? Great looking quilt.

  7. I love this quilt! It is very striking.