Tuesday, November 1, 2011

I'm not ignoring you...I'm just slow!

Sigh....I'm doing it again! Not keeping up with this blog and yet I had such good intentions.

I've been pretty busy working at the shop. Most days I come home and fall asleep on the couch for an hour. I used to call them "power naps" but now that I know I snore occasionally (thank you, Ruby!)  I guess I have to call them "nanna naps".
But I'm not proud, I don't care....after you've been on your feet all day lugging hundreds of bolts of fabric around you'd fall asleep snoring too!

Luckily, in my blog absence I managed to knock out a few tops so here's the latest.......

It was quick, it was easy, it was fun. I just smile every time I see this fabric.
Want to make one too? Get yourself a copy of "Fat Quarterly" issue 5. Yeah, it's another Lily's quilt! I do like her stuff.

You know, the whole idea of working was to amass some money for holidays and stuff.....working in a patchwork shop sure put paid to that silly idea! All it does is feed my addiction for fabric, you should see how many metres I bring home each week.

I need help!

BTW...what do you think of the button my lovely hubby made for Gail's shop? It's over there in the side bar.....see.
I was impressed with it. 
Now I've just got to get her to re-vamp her site.....little steps.


  1. Gee Clair, that quilt is fabulous! And I really do understand your predicament. I could offer to help by taking all that fabric out of your way, you know what they say - out of sight, out of mind? So let me know if you think it might help you any. I'm just thinking of you of course...

    x H

  2. Hey Clair! I love the quilt - it looks fabulous and so striking.
    Yes, its a terrible predicament us staff members face. The lure or more fabric.... *sigh*

  3. Nice Quilt!! I'd be hopeless at saving money working in a patchwork shop. A friend who teaches patchwork say she only buys fabric if she'll die without it. We dont want you dying, you might turn into a zombie and eat my brains, so please buy all the fabric you want.