Saturday, October 8, 2011

Not....the fastest blogger in the world.

So where did all my good intentions go? I was going to be a good blogger and a better quilter/crafter.
So much for that! You didn't see how long my grass was....I've got calouses from all that mowing.

Luckily I did get a few tops done in my blogging absence so can pretend to have been productive by eeking out the pics.
This is one of my favourites, Sanctuary with some chocolate brown...mmmm....yummy!
I'll show you tomorrow what I made with the leftovers, how economical is that, using leftovers. Whatever next!
Oh, by the way....I'm making Sunday posts "Confesssional Sunday." So get your thinking caps on, I'll confess if you will....go on, you know it's good for the soul!


  1. I've always wondered how so many people manage to have the time to blog, craft and quilt? The blocks are quite unusual, very pretty and the pink goes well with the chocolate browns.....yummy alright. Looking forward to see what you've got next.

  2. Oh yeah!! that quilt rocks!! Confessional Sunday could get interesting...