Sunday, June 6, 2010

Never, never, never........

Never, never, never.....

....... try to do an inset seam when it's late at night and you're tired. This is a piece of wisdom that I wish I'd known last night.

Most of the blocks I'm doing for this animé quilt have stretchy weird angles but easy ones none the less. Last night I was faced with sewing a nasty inset seam.

"No problem," I thought. I mean I know the principles involved in sewing these angles.......just had  never found the need to actually DO one.

Four attempts later and "inset" became the rude word of the night! I tried steaming it flat, but the fabric just bobbled up. I tried inking the offending visible stitches, (yes, idiot that I am I lazily didn't bother changing the thread to a darker colour and white does tend to show up against a black background.) I snipped and tugged and in the end said "that'll do" and went to bed.

This morning I looked at it and thought it just looked crappy. So I unpicked, (again!) trimmed it back a bit, got out my lovely quarter inch ruler (free gift from The Melbourne Modern Quilt Guild) and did it properly.

Now I'm happy!


  1. I am still impressed that you managed to get some anime fabric!

  2. it's amazing how did you do it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. if in doubt, go to bed. everything looks different in the morning. xx