Saturday, June 5, 2010

Ask and you shall receive.

Do you find that as soon as you say "Has anyone got a .........." (you can fill in the blank with anything) usually someone will pipe up and say, "Oh! I wish I'd known....I just threw one out last week."

Well, I'm here to assure you that miracles really do happen.

The other day I just happened to mention that I'd be making toys with the kids at school next term and one of my tennis team mates looked up and offered "a big bag of wadding." Apparently her husband uses a poly-fibre wadding for some sort of insulating and has loads of clean, unused off cuts, ideal for toy making.
She and her husband arrived today with the "big bag" in the back of their ute. The bag is SO big I couldn't have got it into my car! I reckon there's about one and a half cubic metres of the stuff, it took two of us to carry it into the house.
I am overwhelmed!

Seeing as I'm on a "ask" and "receive" roll, what shall I ask for next.......? 

I know, a trip to Amitie!

You thought I was going to ask for good looks and an endless supply of chocolate, didn't you!

.......maybe next time.

Leaving you with a picture of some lovely fabric I got from the Amitie stall at the last Stitches show.

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