Sunday, November 6, 2011

Hand sewing and tadpoles.

I've realised that in life I'm a "starter," not so much a "finisher".
It's obvious why, starting is full of excitement and great expectations. Whereas finishing requires patience and perseverance.
But that's all about to change! I have decided to gird my loins (I'm actually am not too sure what that means but it does sound appropriate,) and get some finishing done.

So, with that in mind I grabbed out some unfinished projects and am refusing to put them away untill they're done.

Firstly, here are some embroideries I started and am planning to team them with some gentle 1930's in pink and yellow.

I pinched the gorgeous linen that these are emboidered on from my lovely Polish friend, Patrycja. Thank you!

Next I have some appliqué that need finishing......

But what I really want to do is.......
Chocolate, flying saucers and new fabric......does life get any better?

Today I will confess that although I have lots of 'green' intentions.....the fact that my in-ground spa is full of tadpoles is nothing to do with environmental's a negative energy issue. 
As the universe needs to be balanced perfectly with both positive and negative energy (yes, I watch the National Geographic channel,) there's nothing I can do about it. It's certainly nothing to do with me being too lazy to keep it clean.
Anyway, the world needs frogs!
Ribbit, ribbit.


  1. Oh you just HAVE to do something with those embroideries - they are WAY too cute to go back into a box or cupbaord!

  2. yep, those embroideries are a definite must-finish! they're oh so lov-e-ly! and i never said it was your fault you have tadpoles. nope, not i! i mean, you never know, one of them might be a prince charming in the making!

  3. Ohh I love your embroideries!! and Ohhh I love your colourful flower!! And err what are those flying saucers, are they edible? Good luck with your loin girdling. I recently said I was going to finish all my WIPs and promptly started 2 more. Next time I'll girdle my loins, that might be better.

  4. They are so beautiful. The little lamb is adorable!! Yum - chocolate, flying saucers and fabric ... what more cuold you want?! Love it!!

  5. These embroideries are just beautiful. I absolutely LOVE that rabbit!

  6. Hi Clair, These embroideries are super, that little rabbit is just as sweet as a chocolate one.
    Here is the link to your feature on mr x stitch for posterity :)

    Best ej