Friday, September 23, 2011


Hmmm....I'm thinking, deliberating, considering whether to re-join blogland.
Perhaps I could start with a give away? Though maybe I should start with cleaning up my kitchen.
And if my mum's reading this I know she'll be thinking "That'd be a first!"
Of course if I start with a give away that means I'll have to spend quite a lot of time rummaging through my fabric the kitchen would stay a mess.
This is one of the reasons I stopped blogging....too many decisions!
Give away or clean kitchen?
Cleaning or fabric fondling?
So many choices, so little time.


  1. Helloooooo there!!!!!
    I say stuff the kitchen ... bring on the fabric! ;-)

  2. Definitely come back to blogging mate! We've missed your words of wisdom!!

  3. Oh Clair, thank god you're back in blog land. I do miss your posts. I vote giveaway, the kitchen will be messy after the next meal, clean it then.
    Glad you're back mate. See you soon. xx

  4. Stay in blogland......... yeh thats a good idea! LOL!

  5. I'm so glad you came back to blogland, I actually found your blog right after you took your break (like the same week!) and always checked to see if you'd returned, now you have YEAH! :)

  6. Welcome back. Are your eyes better now? xxx

  7. Fabric fondling--kitchens will always be dirty!