Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Think Mr Magoo!

Hi lovely people,
Because a few of you are wondering where I am and if I'm ok, I thought it would be best if I just put out a quick note to let you know what's happening.
I'm having a bit of trouble with my eyes at the momenrt, nothing too serious, just an inability to focus my eyes after using my computer for more than five minutes. This has meant that I've not been using it blog reading (went through a bit of withdrawal with that, I can tell you,) no browsing, not even reading emails, I feel like I've entered the dark ages here. In fact I'm having to have a little help writing this but dictation is a wonderful thing and I'm sure I could get used to having a computer slave!
So, after Christmas I have an appointment with a specialist and I'm sure that with the help of a couple of thick bottle bottom glasses (think Mr Magoo) and a tweek here and there I'll be back radishing as usual.
"Grrr.... I said ravishing"!
You just can't get good help these days!
But as I'm not looking for your pity I thought I'd leave you with a few pics of fabric I've bought from work, at Patchwork at Gail B's. Now you're jealous, aren't you! HoHoHo.


  1. I always thought a girl could never have too much fabric.
    But in your case, I may be wrong.
    Where on earth can you store MORE fabric?
    Is Ruby having to move into the garage so you can use her room as more fabric storage?
    Looking forward to a proper catch up as a virtual one seems unlikely given the magoo-ness of your peepers.
    Let me know about the Sydney thing.
    Andi x

    PS Oh Magoo ... you've done it again!!!

  2. Yay, you're alive! Was a tad worried, I got Andi to ring you the other night! Hope you're still able to sew, or you might need that white straight jacket, hey? We have weekends free over the hols, so yell if you want company, we'll come over your place for a swim! And fabric touching, of course!

  3. Clair!!! Im so happy you've popped up to say hello! Now how's that for an excuse, I was thinking aliens had kidnapped you or you'd run off to join a cult but there you are with blurry eyes. I like the way you don't see the specialist until after Christmas and I bet you had to make the apponitment 6 months ago. Don't they know we miss you! Look after yourself. What's the Sydney thing??

  4. Wondered where you went too, I have missed your blogging, hope to catch up in the new year, seems your just around the corner so to speak. lol!!

  5. Sorry to hear about your vision...But I'm glad to know you could see well enough to buy some fabric! I love the Dream On line and have made one quilt already from it....and still have a layer cake and a couple of charm packs left to make something else!! can never have too much...Good luck with the specialist!

  6. Lovely to hear from you...Hope they can do wonders for your Eyes..then we will be able to see more of you here again...
    Merry Xmas...
    ho ho ho

  7. I'm very glad everything is (relatively) OK. i've wondered about you!

    You work at Gail B's? I'm jealous!!!

  8. Yay!
    seeing as though your eyesight is playing up, I will write you a long message here full of crap just to help the situation!
    How'd you go with the costumes? Cant wait to see photos! Even though we never saw you in the cheerleader outfits :)
    Hope you guys have a great christmas, I PROMISE I will come and see you soon!!! Nothing will stop me next time!
    Big hugs!

  9. There is always skype lovey, I'll get the valium to keep the kids quiet after xmas and we'll be all set for some face time :D

    Missing you terribly xxx

  10. Hi Clair. Sorry to hear about your eyes. Hope they get better soon. Take care. xxx

  11. Hi Claire,
    I was just over at FQNB's blog and saw the pincushion you made her in a swap and it made me wonder how you're doing. We were doing Posh Nosh wine tasting on Saturday night, that's you're doing you know! Anyway hope alls well and swell.

  12. Sorry to hear about your eyes. Anyway hope alls well.

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  13. Clair - how are you going? We have missed you at MMQG! Hope all is fine and even if you can't do the computer, hope you are sewing to your heart's content! Hope you keep in touch in some way!